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Collagens and other food supplements

Collagen FORTE tablets

Food supplement
Effective complement of cosmetic products for elastic skin, strong nails and healthy hair.
  • Package contents:
    120 tablets of collagen + bonus peat baths RosenSPA
  • Weight:
    300 g
  • Recommended pharmacy price:

    490 CZK inc VAT

  • Composition in 1 tablet:

    1000 mg

  • Recommeded dosage:
    2 tablets daily
  • Intensive cure:
    6 tablets daily
  • Tablet weight:

    1220 mg ±5%

  • Tablet energy value:

    4 kcal

  • RosenSPA:
    2 x 50 ml ± 5%

Using the Collagen FORTE tablets is better to start with intensive cure for one week. Thanks to the increased supply of collagen the body will 'start up' its own collagen production. Subsequent regular supply of 2 collagen tablets a day is enough building material for its natural production. It is convenient after about 2 months of using collagen to put again intensive cure for one week.

% RDA (recommended daily allowance) is not stated.

For elastic skin without wrinkles, strong nails and healthy hair is important to supply collagen to the body!
Why use only superficial cosmetic products with collagen? The impact will be much more effective if you will nourish your skin from the inside!

Rational healthy diet misses collagen. This means that eating only salads will not help you to supply collagen!

Collagen FORTE tablets contain system collagen with easy absorption, thanks to this quality the body will process and digest it without problems and collagen will be used exactly where it is needed.

So that the body can process the received collagen it must be in soluble, hydrolyzed form. This is the only way how the body can use it as a building material, thanks to which we have:

  • firm, elastic and smooth skin
  • smoothed wrinkle
  • healthy and shiny hair
  • strong nails
  • and our skin is getting older slowly
Composition in 1 tablet
  • hydrolyzed collagen type I. 1000 mg

Cosmetic bath from green peat contains PELOIX® - pure extract from green peat, it has positive effects on the skin, it soothes and improves the cell regeneration. It supports the treatment of many skin disorders (psoriasis, acne, atopic eczema).

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • The preparation is not intended as a substitute for a multicoloured food.
  • Store in the original box at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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