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Contract production

oral forms (medicine or food suplements)

  • powder mixtures, premixes
  • granulates packing to the sachets
  • ablets of various shapes within effervescent tablets
  • transparent or colour coating of tablets
  • sugar coated tablets, pills (drageé)
  • gels for oral using
  • soft gelatine capsules (we ensure transport from China)

topical preparation (cosmetics, medical devices)

  • gels, liniments, creams packed to the aluminium tubes, cups, bottles
  • milk of magnesia (polysan) products, liniments with active substance content
  • professional cosmetics row LeRouge
RosenPharma Contract production

assortment of processed materials

  • vitamins, multivitamins, minerals
  • multiminerals
  • mint and other pastilles
  • tablets with vegetable extracts
  • chewing tablets, herb pastilles
  • glukozamin/chondroitin products, collagen products within collagen II
  • hyaluronic acid

adjusting work

  • tablets blistering, gelatine capsules - choosing the right form after discussion
  • blistering during temperature control condition
  • filling from liquid to halfsolid preparations
  • tubing to the aluminium tubes
  • granulates, tablets and gels filling to the sachets
  • completion
RosenPharma Contract production
RosenPharma a.s.

Pharmaceutical production

The State Office for Drug Control grant 17.10.2007 to Rosenpharma company permission for pharmaceutical production. From this moment Rosenpharma became a pharmaceutical company.

Video from our factory

Tablets packaging

  • many cutting and forming parts for blisters
  • computer line for various bottles
  • labeling
  • ranking
  • completion
RosenPharma Contract production
RosenPharma Contract production

Production technology

  • more than 400 m2 of production area
  • work with organic solvents allowed
  • flexible technology possibilities
  • qualified staff
RosenPharma a.s.